2014 – Plexus Student Awards: Writing

1st Place Anjali Hari “Maya”

2nd Place Helen Shin “The Remnants”

3rd Place Lorianne Burns “Conversations Unspoken”


2015 – Plexus Student Awards: Writing

1st Place Kyle Barbour “Two Months”

2nd Place Leigh Goodrich “That Good Night”

3rd Place Kimberly Vu “The First of Many Progress Notes”


2016 – Plexus Student Awards: Writing   

1st Place              Leigh Goodrich, MS2 “Looking Up”

2nd Place             Adam Kalawi, MS2 “Death of A Star”

3rd Place              Carolyn Fall, MS2, “Passing”


2016 – Plexus Student Awards: Art/Photography  

1st Place              Andy Trang, MS2 “Fibers of Life”

2nd Place             Mia Shan, MS1  “Nagare”

3rd Place              Vira Fomenko, MS2 “Ballooning Through Fairy Chimneys”


2016 – Plexus Student Awards: Performing Arts  

1st Place              Sandra Gattas & Luke Yu, MS1 “When it’s Time”

2nd Place             Stefan Brooks “Best Days Ahead”

3rd Place              Nathan Calixto & Jeremy Martin “Two Selections from a Shropshire Lad”


2017 Plexus Student Awards: Writing:

1st Place Nazin Sedehi “When Your Dad Gets the C-Word”

2nd Place Adam Kalawi “Beneath the Surface: A Reflection on Anatomy Lab”

3rd Place Lauren DeDecker “The Longest Trip”


2017 Plexus Student Awards: Art/Photography

1st Place Andy Trang “Human Hands”

2nd Place Richelle Roelandt Lu Homo “Vitality”

3rd Place Jamie Miller “Restoration”


2017 Plexus Student Awards: Performing Arts

1st Place Nathan Calixto & Jeremy Martin “Stars” from “Les Miserables”

2nd Place Tiffany Pham “Bleach and Scrub”

3rd Place Faith Njoku “Integrate”


2018 Plexus Student Awards: Writing:  1st: Melinda Schneider, MS2 “Mouse Brains and Microtomes”; 2nd: Leigh Goodrich, MS4 “One Million and One”; 3rd: Nazin Sedehi, MS2 “To my class with Love”

2018 Plexus Student Awards: Art/Photography: 1st: Soe Thein, MS3 “Nurture”; 2nd: Kimberly Watanabe, MS3 “Black Diamond Healer”; 3rd: Stephanie Noh, MS2 “Field of Psammoma Bodies”

2018 Plexus Student Awards: Performing Arts: 1st: Jovauna Currey, Resident “The Synergy of the Patient/Physician Relationship”; 2nd: Alex Miner, Resident “Squeeze”; 3rd: Nathan Calixto & Chris Gabriel, MS3s “Tears in Heaven” by Eric Clapton.