Book Review: Firefly Racing with the Dolphins

Johanna Shapiro, Ph.D.

In this touching collection, Dr. Chalat Rajaram, a retired internist and specialist in hospice medicine with a string of impressive degrees, provides touching glimpses into his life and offers his philosophy of living for our consideration. His poetry speaks to the great love and adoration he had for his deceased wife and his great sorrow at her loss. Nevertheless, he consoles himself with memories of his beloved, who visits him still in dreams, whose spirit is always with him and whose values propel him to be a better person. Although gone, she walks beside him and illuminates his path in life. Despite the loss of his soulmate, he determines to go on “to face life, and go forward without fear” – this has always been the way of things; loss is built into life…

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Quoted by Dr. Rajaram at UCI School of Medicine Schwartz Rounds, February 2024.