Exploring The Potential Of Online Approaches To Teaching The “Human Side Of Medicine”: A Scoping Review

P. Brett-MacLean, C. Birkman, J. Shapiro, T. Rosenal, N. Schafenacker, T. Hillier

The context of learning for students in the health professions is undergoing significant transformation given expanded use of a wide variety of digital, online technologies and tools (Le & Stein, 2001; Sandars & Haythornthwaite, 2007). Medical learners are increasingly engaging in formal and informal, self-directed and collaborative learning across a wide range of Internet-mediated contexts (Sandars & Morrison, 2007; Sandars et al., 2008; Gray et al., 2010). We undertook a scoping review to describe online, digital approaches that have been introduced across a wide variety of medical education contexts to enhance understanding of the human side of medicine.

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