Faces of Soviet Jews

by Shapiro, J. and Shapiro, D.H.

Below is material from our Mission to the Soviet Union sponsored by our Temple, Beth El, to meet with “Jewish Refuseniks” during 1989, a time of “glasnost” openness. The material below shares the Faces of Soviet Jews with whom we met (1); offers a pictorial essay (2); includes the suggestions we made to the Los Angeles and Orange Country Commission on Soviet Jewry (3); and ends with our personal reflections on the trip, then, and during the Days of Awe, 2017.

  1. Read the Article
  2. Faces of Soviet Jewry–A Pictorial Essay
  3. Mission to the Soviet Union on Behalf of Russian Jewry – July 18, 1989
  4. Our personal reflections on the trip

In 1991, two years after our visit, the USSR was disbanded into its constituent republics. We joke that maybe we had some small part in that! 🙂