Miscellaneous Letters of Evaluation

Since 1995, Dr. Shapiro has provided key leadership to the undergraduate teaching programs in the College of Medicine. She has served as Ethics Co-Coordinator and small group facilitator in cross-cultural medicine (PDI); as Ethics Coordinator, Course Co-leader, and Medical Humanities Faculty expert (PDII); and Clinical Humanities faculty (PDIII). Dr. Shapiro has also contributed to the graduate level student in the College of Medicine, serving as faculty for a Literature in Medicine elective and clinic preceptor in the family medicine residency. She has lectured on multiple occasions over the past four years to a broad-based group of learners, including medical students, residents in family medicine, nurse practitioner students, and DCI faculty physicians. Her topics have ranged from medical humanities to doctor-patient communication to clinical research methods to working with families. Overall, the evaluations from her teaching activities are uniformly outstanding, with commendation for insightfulness, professionalism, and sincere concern for her students. Dr. Shapiro received VCI COM Certificates of Appreciation for both the PDI and PDII courses during the past four years. In 1997, Dr. Shapiro enhanced her own teaching skills when she completed both the Bayer Doctor Patient Communication Training Course as an Instructor, and an intensive Spanish course.

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