MS1 Summer Research Projects co-sponsored by the PMHA, UC Irvine, and the UC Medical Humanities Consortium

Nazin Sedehi, MS1 “Poetry and Surgery”              Jun -Sept 2017

Christine Pham, MS1 “Medical Photography and Empathy”          Jun-Sept 2017

Melinda Schneider, Rachel Sunico, MS1s “Functional gait changes in Cerebral Palsy with dance movement therapy”                May-Sept 2017

Robert Hateley, MS1 “How Space Exploration Has Changed the Field of Medicine”           Jul-Sept 2016

Shella Raja, MS1 “Hospital Art in London and U.S.”           Jun-Sept 2016

Samuel Sampson, MSI “Measuring Empathy in Response to Representational Art”           May-Aug 2015

Soe Thein, MS I “Food Narratives of Elderly Ethnic Patients”        May-Oct 2015

Helen Shin, MSI “Patient Narratives of Mental Illness in the Christian Religion”   May-Aug 2014

Nina Narasimhalu, MSI “Superimposing Shakespeare on Modern Medicine: How Physicians Continually Find Meaning and Inspiration in their Work”             May-Aug 2011

David Cheng MSII “Pain Perceptions and Impact on Existing Doctor-Patient Relationships For The Geriatric Population”  Apr-Dec 2010

Laura Doan, MSII “Changes in Medicine from the 1920’s to Today: Exploring the Life Story Narratives of Patients Age 65 and Over”    Apr-Dec 2010

Stephanie Le MSII “Doctor-Patient Relationships in Vietnamese-American and Vietnamese Populations”              Apr-Dec 2010