Narrative Essay Review Process

Criteria for reviewing Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are not research reports and will usually bear little resemblance to original articles of brief reports. They are not intended to be analytical; rather they should be insightful and reflective. When reviewing narrative essays, you should consider the following issues:

  1. Is the story shared in this paper relevant to family physicians or educators in the primary care disciplines?
  2. Does the story offer an important perspective about what we learn in our work as physicians or educators? Does this perspective offer important insight into the meaning of our work?
  3. Is the story written in a compelling manner? Not only should the story be interesting, it should be well told. Does this paper tell the story in a creative way?
  4. Does the paper create an appropriate emotional context for the story? Is the story told in a way that tells you something about its author?
  5. Will the readers of Family Medicine learn something about themselves or their work by reading this paper?

Examples of Narrative Essay Reviews