Problems We Can Handle

Johanna Shapiro, PhD

Have you ever noticed how
unprepared we are
for the problems life throws at us?
We are very unprepared

We are so unprepared
so beyond our comfort zone
it doesn’t make sense

But I have a theory:

When God was making worlds,
just for a moment, He got distracted
(maybe a pretty angel passed)

In that moment, by mistake
He gave the problems meant for a world
filled with much smarter, more competent, and
(why not) more beautiful people –
to us… and they got ours

Somewhere out there
in a different universe
there is a race of brilliant, wise, wonderful beings
Every day they walk around their world
dealing with their lives

When they pass each other
they give an astonished smile and say
with equal parts amazement and gratitude
I can’t believe how easy this is.
Life is so simple.