Searching for the soul

In Synergy with the compositions of Ed Barguiarena

When we listen to the sounds
emerging from the piano
their harmonies and passions
reverberate in our hearts

Peering inside the piano
we see hammers, bridges, dampers, strings
The hammers strike the strings
and sounds emerge

Yet the hammers and strings
cannot explain
the reverberation of those sounds
In the human heart

When the 17th century physician Thomas Browne
peered inside the human body
he saw organs and fluid
bones, muscles and tendons

He saw the heart
but expressed disappointment
that no matter how hard he searched
he could not find the soul

When we listen to hammers striking strings
the sounds reverberate in our hearts
They dip and soar
as do our souls
that no one can find

– Johanna Shapiro