Storylines of Family Medicine V: Ways of Thinking—Honing the Therapeutic Self

William B Ventres, Leslie A Stone, Johanna F Shapiro, Cynthia Haq, Jéssica R B Leão, Donald E Nease Jr, Liz Grant, Stewart W Mercer, John C M Gillies, Pablo González Blasco, Maria Auxiliadora C De Benedetto, Graziela Moreto, Marcelo R Levites, Jennifer E DeVoe, William R Phillips, Jane M Uygur, Thomas R Egnew, Colette S Stanley

Storylines of Family Medicine is a 12-part series of thematically linked essays with accompanying illustrations that explore the many dimensions of family medicine, as interpreted by individual family physicians and medical educators in the USA and elsewhere around the world. In ‘V: ways of thinking—honing the therapeutic self’, authors present the following sections: ‘Reflective practice in action’, ‘The doctor as drug—Balint groups’, ‘Cultivating compassion’, ‘Towards a humanistic approach to doctoring’, ‘Intimacy in family medicine’, ‘The many faces of suffering’, ‘Transcending suffering’ and ‘The power of listening to stories.’ May readers feel a deeper sense of their own therapeutic agency by reflecting on these essays.

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