Depression in Latina Mothers of Children With Mental Retardation: A Neglected Concern

Johanna Shapiro, PhD

Depression among 14H Latina women who have children with mental retardation was examined. Results showed that their depressive symptomatology was elevated, with almost half reporting negative experiences in excess of a commonly used cut-off for the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Scale (CES-J). Depression scores related to variables pertaining to the child. mother’s health and level of acculturation, and aspects of stress and coping. When mothers were categorized in three groups by CES-D scores, discriminant analysis correctly classified H4% of the low and high group mothers. High CES-D membership was predicted by mothers’ reporting more family problems. worse health, fewer interactions with English-speaking persons in their daily lives, and more negative feelings about parenting their child with mental retardation.

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