Miscellaneous Teaching Evaluations

  • Dr. Shapiro’s teaching strengths are far beyond excellent. She is a great speaker and listener. She has a talent for expressing compassion as well as reaching out to the students. She is very open and friendly, creating a great environment.
  • She was open to listening. I felt I could go up and talk to her on a personal level as well as professional. One word to describe her would be approachable.
  • She really encouraged students to talk and makes a comfortable surrounding in which we can feel free to open up and talk.
  • Very organized with all the reading packets. Allocated time well between the readings/discussions. Found very interesting readings. Very personable and friendly.
  • She is able to bring the readings and/or discussions to a personal level. She attains to connect with each student on a personal level and creates a very warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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